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9 May Different measures of physical abilities can be assessed to determine how old someone is including walking speed, standing balance, the speed they can rise from sitting. We found that hand grip strength, a measure of upper-body strength that has been widely studied, is consistently a good indicator of. 30 May Significant differences between the dominant and non-dominant hand were obtained in both sexes across all age groups, except in the oldest female group ( age >70) for the aiming (number of hits and errors) and postural tremor (number of errors) tasks. These differences in age-related changes may be. 28 Feb Abstract. Objectives. Hand problems are common in older people, but their impact on everyday life is not clear. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of hand problems in community-dwelling older adults and how this varies with age and gender. Methods. Analysis was performed in


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Think of it this way: Goldstien G, Shelley C. hand older

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