Soles banging

soles banging

Rubber soles banging on chainlink made a musical sound, although in this case it was the sound of defeat. Not that Elliot couldn't climb too, but it wouldn't be fast and it wouldn't be smart. What it would be was pointless because he could not get over that fence in time to stop that kid from getting away across the meadow. Sadly, just then his ears picked the distinct sound of metal soles banging on the hard wooden stairs. His attention fell upon the silhouette of a young man walking towards him, a man who just over his twenties. He donned a sharp black overcoat with a flat collar, the scarlet scarf tie had an embedded diamond jewel in the. 4 May 50 likes = Upload next vid:) Enjoy XO.

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As it was not executed publicly in the soles banging world, it came to be witnessed only by the individuals directly involved. The prisoner is barefooted and restrained in such manner, that the feet cannot be shifted out of position. In several German and Austrian institutions it was still practised during the s. soles banging


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