Chunky cash

chunky cash

Women receiving unconditional cash transfers in northern Nigeria worked more, particularly, in their own businesses, spent more on consumption, were more food secure, saved more, bought more animals and improved their housing compared to the women in the control group. Quarterly transfers cost half as much as. Imagine this: You open your mail and it says that you are owed $1, from overpaid taxes! After recovering from your elation, you read on. The letter requests you to choose if you would like to be paid over the next year in increments of $ every month or $ every three months?. 1 Sep Would you spend rather than save the money if you got it every month? Would you splurge it on luxuries or be forced to share with your family and friends if you got a bigger chunk every quarter? Would you feel happier or more stressed out about your life and finances depending on the frequency of the.

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Submit Content Share information through ReliefWeb to better inform humanitarians worldwide. Add new comment Your. The transfers improve daily per capita consumption, food security, and dietary diversity. A service provided by. After recovering from your elation, you read on. chunky cash


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